Education Committee

The Education Committee discusses matters referred by Standing Committee and on ongoing educational policy developments and concerns.

The members of the ASTI Education Committee are:

  • Jim Ahern
  • Gerard Hanlon
  • Christina Henehan
  • Margaret Kent
  • Anne Loughnane
  • Mary Lyndon
  • Joe Moran
  • Ray Silke
  • James Staunton
  • Edward Byrne - President
  • Ger Curtin- Vice President
  • Kieran Christie - General Secretary 
  • Moira Leydon - AGS Education and Research Officer 


Meetings of the Committee

The Education Committee has up to seven meetings per year, including two all day meetings for which substitution is provided. Reports on work of the Committee are forwarded to Standing Committee after each meeting. The Assistant General Secretary, Education / Research, provides the professional support for the work of the Committee including preparation of materials and drafting of documents. The Education Committee is elected by Convention every second year.

For more information on the ongoing work of the Education Committee, see the education section.