School ASTI meetings

  1. A meeting of members in each school should be convened at least once in every term.
  2. At least three days notice should be given of the intention to hold an ordinary meeting.
  3. An extraordinary meeting may be called at shorter notice by the School Steward or at the request of not less than fifty per cent of the members in the school having signed a requisition indicating the purpose of the proposed meeting.
  4. No business other than indicated on the requisition may be discussed at such an extraordinary meeting.
  5. A record of those present and the business discussed and the decisions taken at all meetings must be kept.
  6. At the beginning of each meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting should be read and, if approved, signed by the School Steward.
  7. In general, it is desirable that the School Steward should be assisted in keeping the minutes so that he/she can more effectively participate in the meeting.
  8. A motion for inclusion on an agenda shall not be in order unless signed by the proposer and seconder.
  9. If there is no consensus on an issue or resolution it should be put to a vote by a show of hands.
  10. Should a tied vote occur, the chairperson, who is usually the School Steward, shall use his/her casting vote except where an election involving a secret ballot is taking place, e.g. Board of Management election. In the event of a tied ballot a second ballot shall be held. The matter should be decided by lot if a second tied ballot occurs.
  11. Should serious matters arise under “Any Other Business” it may be desirable to postpone taking a decision and to put the matter on the agenda for another meeting.
  12. In no circumstances may a motion be accepted which seeks to circumvent ASTI policy or a union directive.
  13. It is desirable that the union have the use of rooms in the school during or after school hours. (A standing arrangement should be made between the School Steward and management on this matter).