Lansdowne Road / Croke Park Hours Update

*This section will be updated as soon as possible to reflect measures committed to by the Department of Education and Skills as a result of the ASTI’s suspension of industrial action as outlined here.*

Lansdowne Road / Croke Park Hours Update

Important Update

ASTI Members have voted to reject  the 'Outcome of Talks' proposal by 52.5% to 47.5%.

The ASTI directive on the withdrawal from the Croke Park hours remain in place. Click here to read.

Further information on this campaign will be issued shortly.

Background to dispute

In October 2015 ASTI members voted to reject the Lansdowne Road Agreement proposals by 74% to 26%.

At its meeting of October 15th 2015, ASTI Standing Committee discussed the outcome of the ballot on the Lansdowne Road Agreement. Standing Committee passed a motion stating that it would not be bound by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Public Services Committee’s decision to accept the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

Standing Committee stated that the ASTI would continue to deliver its commitments under the Haddington Road Agreement until the completion of the HRA on June 30th, 2016. Members of Standing Committee also expressed the view that the threats contained in the Financial Emergency in the Public Interest (FEMPI) Act are vindictive and inappropriate, particularly given the Government’s recent statements that Ireland’s economy is recovering.

In April/ May 2016 the ASTI balloted members on withdrawal from the Croke Park hours upon completion of the Haddington Road Agreement. Members voted by 68% to 32% to withdraw from the Croke Park hours. Arising from this decision, ASTI Standing Committee issued the following Directive. 

Croke Park hours - Directive to ASTI members

ASTI members are hereby directed not to fulfil the 33 Croke Park hours as set out in CL 0025/2011 and as amended in CL 0043/2014 with effect from 11th July, 2016.

  • Regarding staff meetings and parent/teacher meetings, the arrangements set out in Circular M58/04 will apply.
  • Attendance at enrolment open nights in schools is not prohibited by this directive and maybe undertaken on a voluntary basis.

Click here for letter sent to School Stewards regarding Croke Park Hours directive.

Department Circular on FEMPI and ASTI members 

Arising from the Lansdowne Road Ballot, the subsequent Croke Park Hours ballot and the ASTI Directive on the Croke Park Hours the Department of Education and Skills has issued Circular 0045/2016 which sets out the measures being applied to ASTI members and others who are outside the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

These measures include: 

  • An incremental freeze from July 11th 2016 until June 30, 2018.
  • Withdrawal of the alleviation of the FEMPI Act 2013 pay reductions for teachers earning in excess of €65,0000 per annum from September 1, 2016.
  • No payment of the S&S moiety of €796 to the pay scale on September 1, 2016.
  • CIDs are no longer available after two years (teachers will now require in excess of four years to become eligible for a CID).
  • No access to the redeployment scheme.
  • Loss of improved redundancy payment terms where a teacher is made redundant.
  • The arrangement whereby five Croke Park hours can be used for planning and development work other than whole school planning, will no longer apply.
  • The Lansdowne Road Agreement arrangement whereby eight hours of the Croke Park hours can used for planning and development work other than whole school planning from September 2016, will not apply.


Industrial action over worsening of ASTI members' term and conditions

On September 3rd 2016, the ASTI announced that it would ballot its members on industrial action up to and including withdrawal from Supervision & Substitution in response to the worsening pay and conditions. ASTI members voted by 78% in favour of this industrial action.


Further Information

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