Annual Convention 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to attend Convention? What do I have to do?

Talk to your school steward about attending at the next meeting of your branch. If you have been at Convention before you are familiar with the procedures at branch level. If this is your first time to consider it you should know that delegates must be members of the branch they represent and must have been members of the Association for at least one year prior to the selection of delegates which normally takes place at all branches in January.


What if I personally were to attend?

Well then, you would find teaching colleagues from workplaces similar to yours from all over the country discussing issues that do, or will affect you, and making decisions as to how ASTI could best influence the outcomes for its members. You would be part of that process.


What if I have children? How would I cope?

Bring them with you! The ASTI provides a crèche facility for children of delegates attending Convention, and besides, Kerry has much to offer youngsters of all ages!


What if I go - it will be an expensive business for me!

On registration at Convention you will receive a cheque for accommodation expenses and after Convention members receive reimbursement for public transport, or mileage allowance if they use their car to travel from home to Convention.


What is the purpose of Annual Convention?

Convention is the policy making body of the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland. The decisions which are taken as a result of the debate become the policy of the union and are subsequently pursued with the relevant bodies. It is important that you express your reservations on or support for any issue about which you feel strongly as, once the decision is taken, the union is duty bound to follow.

Those attending Annual Convention are supplied with the following:

  • Book 1 - Conference Programme
  • Book 2 - Conference Reports
  • Book 3 - Statement of Accounts
  • Minutes and Report of the previous Annual Convention

The Conference Programme includes a list of those attending, the timings of sessions and the resolutions. It also includes Standing Orders i.e. the rules on how business is conducted.


Who is on the platform?

Annual Convention is chaired by the President of the union. The President is the highest ranking officer of the union. This is an elected post which is held for one year.

The President is accompanied by the President- Elect who will be President the following year, the Vice-President, the Honorary Treasurer and the Time Keeper.

Also on the platform is the General Secretary, the highest ranking official of the union, the Deputy General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary.