Annual Convention 2017


The ASTI Annual Convention takes place during the week following Easter Sunday.

Approximately 500 ASTI members attend Convention as delegates every year. Each Branch nominates at least one delegate to Convention, depending on Branch size. In addition all members of the Central Executive Council and Standing Committee attend.

Guidelines for Delegates

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A number of key elections take place at Convention including the election of President, Vice President and Honorary Treasurer. The election of members to ASTI committees such as the Education Committee and the Equal Opportunities Committee also take place at Convention on a biennial basis. 

Motions for Annual Convention

October is usually the month when ASTI members meet to compose motions for adoption at Annual Convention. It is the right of each ASTI member to bring his/her views to a branch meeting in the form of a motion for Annual Convention. If adopted by the branch such a motion must be submitted to the General Secretary by November 30th. The General Secretary will publish before January 7th, a list of all the branch motions proposed for adoption at Annual Convention. At branch meetings in January members may indicate for prioritisation which of the many branch motions on the list should be on the final agenda for Convention. Branches may also propose amendments to motions on the list. The final agenda for Convention will be published in the Convention Handbook and also in NUACHT.

Convention Handbooks

Convention Handbooks are sent to all delegates in advance of Convention.