Allowances an integral part of teachers’ pay

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Thursday 29 March 2012 13:00 Age: 3 yrs

The ASTI today reiterated its position that allowances are an integral part of teachers’ pay.


ASTI General Secretary Pat King stated that qualification allowances are an integral part of teachers’ pay. Other allowances, such as allowances paid to Assistant Principals and Principals, are for additional work and responsibilities, and are therefore central to the rate of pay for these positions.


“ASTI members signed up to and are fully compliant with the Croke Park Agreement which protects their pay. ASTI members will consider any reduction in their pay to be a breach of the Agreement by the Government,” said Mr King.


“Teachers have experienced significant pay cuts in recent years including the public sector pension levy and the public sector pay cut. New entrants to teaching have been subject to additional attacks including pay cuts amounting to a 17% salary reduction and the freezing of their allowances in February 2012. A teacher entering the profession for the first time today will receive approximately 30% less pay than they would have two years ago.”