On retirement you will be entitled to a pension and lump sum, provided you have a minimum of 2 years actual pensionable service.  Pension and lump sum payments are determined by:

  • Total pensionable service (based on completed years and days of service subject to a maximum of 40 years), and
  • Pensionable remuneration on the last day of service

What is pensionable service?

Pensionable service is teaching service in a secondary, community or comprehensive school that is:

  • Permanent and temporary wholetime
  • Jobsharing
  • Certain part-time service
  • Transferred service
  • Purchased notional service
  • Added years/service granted in certain circumstances
  • Certain approved leave but subject to certain conditions
  • Special leave without pay to work in an Irish Aid programme subject to certain conditions

What is pensionable remuneration?

Broadly speaking, pensionable remuneration is final pay.  For a secondary, community or comprehensive teacher this will comprise retiring salary plus allowances plus supervision and substitution payment.

Calculating your pension and lump sum


In the case of a teacher paying D Rate PRSI, the pension is 1/80th of a teacher’s pensionable remuneration for each year of pensionable service.

In the case of a teacher paying A Rate PRSI, the pension is 1/200th of the pensionable remuneration that does not exceed the maximum personal rate of State Pension (Contributory) multiplied by 3.333333 plus 1/80th of the pensionable remuneration which exceeds that figure for each year of pensionable service.  This is known as co-ordinated pension.

This is subject to a maximum benefit of ½ of pensionable remuneration.

Lump Sum:

The lump sum is 3/80ths of gross pensionable remuneration for each year of pensionable service but subject to a maximum of 120/80ths.  This payment is currently tax free up to €200,000.

For more information

More detailed information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Help and advice on calculating your pension is available from ASTI Head Office (01-6040160).

Please have the following information to hand before you call:

  • Your current gross and net salary;
  • Your salary on June 30th, 2013 (if you are retiring on or before 31st August, 2014).

  • Number of years of service;
  • The type of retirement you are interested in.