Class Sizes

In accordance with ASTI policy on class size the following are the maximum class sizes which should be permitted in schools:

Home Economics20
Agricultural Science24
Construction Studies24
Leaving Cert Applied24
Leaving Cert Vocational Programme24
Materials Technology (wood)24
Technical Drawing24
Technical Graphics24
Transition Year Programme24
All other classes30

This directive will help to:

  • foster good teaching practice
  • encourage positive classroom relationships
  • assist school discipline
  • enhance standards of education
  • retain teaching positions

It should be noted that the Department of Education and Science has no recommended class sizes and there are no legal liabilities on a teacher in relation to this matter. Such liabilities are a matter for the employer who has to ensure that pupils are given an adequate duty of care.

If a school is experiencing a difficulty with regard to the class size directive the School Steward should raise the matter with the Principal and seek a resolution.

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