Health & Safety

Every teacher has a right to work in an environment that is both Healthy and Safe. The ASTI is seeking to ensure that school employers and employees alike accept responsibility for safety in schools.

Your school should have ...

  • a Safety Statement
  • a Safety Representative
  • and Regular Safety Drills

Safety Statement

It is a legal requirement that the management of each workplace produces a Safety Statement.
Has your school got an adequate Safety Statement?
If not, the staff should bring this requirement to the immediate attention of the Board of Management.

Safety Representative

Each school staff should elect a Safety Representative to act on their behalf in matters of Health and Safety.
Every staff group should by Monday, 24 October elect a Safety Representative.


The ASTI provides regional Health and Safety training for Safety Representaives. The ASTI also provides each Safety Representative with a Health and Safety Handbook setting out their role/duties/guidelines and relevant information.


It is a legal requirement that employers consult with their employees on matters of Health and Safety.
ASTI members should insist that Health and Safety is discussed at staff meetings on a regular basis and that Health and Safety procedures are reviewed at least once a year.


Evacuation and Emergency Drills save lives.
ASTI members should insist that drills are held in 100% of schools on a regular basis.

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