Duties and responsibilities of school stewards

The duties of the School Steward are stated in ASTI Rule 55 but may be summarised as follows:

  1. Direct recruiting of members of staff who are not members of any other teaching union.
  2. Collecting of subscriptions from those members who are not in Check-off.
  3. Reporting both national and local information from the union to members in the school.
  4. Maintaining close links with the branch and with members in the school.
  5. Calling meetings of union members within the school.
  6. Handling the initial stages of individual grievances of members (see Grievance Procedure).
  7. Ensuring that all members in the school adhere to ASTI policy.
  8. Making representations on behalf of members in the school.
  9. Ensuring that all agreements between the union and the management, both local and national, are observed within the school.
  10. Calling a union meeting before April 30th to elect School Steward.
  11. Prepare an agenda for and keep minutes of all meetings together with an attendance list.
  12. Organise the election of a recording secretary if necessary.
  13. Keep a file of all union documents; it should contain:
    (i) Relevant cuttings from ASTIR, Nuacht and other documentation circulated by Head Office or branch.
    (ii) Head Office Information Leaflets.
    (iii) Application Forms
    (iv) Recruitment Leaflets
    (v) Minute Book
    (vi) Sickness Benefit Forms
  14. See that seniority lists are established in the school.
  15. Ensure that the full quota of teachers is employed.
  16. Ensure that the terms of Department circulars on Posts of Responsibility are adhered to. 
  17. Inform the Principal of the intention to hold a union meeting.
  18. In issues where no specific union policy exists make sure that a majority of the members in the school favour the action which is contemplated.
  19. The fact that a majority of members within a school may not agree with policy or with a directive does not entitle them to ignore such policy or directive.
  20. Encourage the establishment of a rota of staff members to attend branch meetings if all or most of them do not attend regularly.