Election of school steward

The election of the School Steward should take place annually.

The ASTI members of the staff of every school which has more than one teacher who is a member of the Association should elect a School Steward. Branches should ensure that this happens. This election should take place by May 1st of each year and the newly elected School Steward shall, as soon as possible, notify Head Office using the appropriate form, the Regional Organiser and Honorary Secretary of his / her branch and where the staff consists of members of more than one branch, the Honorary Secretaries of the branches concerned, of his / her election. The School Steward’s term of office commences on 1st May.

Necessary expenses of the School Steward shall be reimbursed by the branch of which he / she is a member.

The School Steward shall, through the branch, be supplied with all necessary documentation and receipt books.

The General Secretary shall, as soon as possible after May 15th of each year, notify each school manager of the name of the School Steward elected by the staff of his / her school.

When a School Steward is absent from a school, essential and immediate matters could be undertaken by a deputy, this matter being arranged yearly at the time of election.

Where school membership exceeds a certain number (20), the functions, but not the constitutional duties of the School Steward, might be lightened by the adoption of a committee system whereby certain tasks would be undertaken by other union members. Such a procedure would enhance the work of the union in a school, both in terms of efficiency and effect. The position of the School Steward should remain of paramount importance. The size of the committee could be flexible and relative to each particular situation.