Types of Membership

  • Full Membership - For serving lay teachers
  • Associate Membership - For serving lay part-time teachers and other defined categories
  • Student Membership - For lay Higher Diploma or final year college students - click here for Student application form.

New Teachers

  • Free membership for your first year of teaching – for the 2018/19 school year.
  • Access to ASTI Advantages (Discounts and Offers) Scheme

How to Join

  • Click here to read Join ASTI information card and Application Form. Click here  for Application Form only.
  • Authorise deduction of annual subscription from salary if in receipt of incremental salary
  • Application form must include names of a proposer and seconder who must be local branch members e.g. school colleagues
  • If you have authorised deduction of subscription from salary then no initial subscription is due on joining
  • If you have not authorised deduction from salary then an initial subscription should be submitted with application form
  • The completed form should be given to your school steward or sent directly to ASTI Head Office.
  • When accepted into membership you may attend all subsequent union meetings

Join Now

Your application form should be completed by hand. You can then hand the form to your School Steward or forward it to:

Thomas MacDonagh House,
Winetavern Street,
Dublin 8.

N.B. This form must be printed off and filled in by hand. 

What Does ASTI Membership Cost?*

Membership Rates for School Year 2018/2019
CategoryAnnual subscription
Permanent or Temporary Wholetime Dept or VEC paid (Not CID)€337.00
Permanent or Temporary Wholetime Not Dept or VEC paid (Not CId)€337.00
Contract of Indefinite Duration (CID) - 18 hours or more€337.00
Contract of Indefinite Duration (CID) 11 or more but less than 18 hours€168.50
Contract of Indefinite Duration (CID) less than 11 hours€113.10
Fixed Term Pro Rata Contract (Regular Part-Time) 11 or more hours€113.10
Fixed Term Pro Rata Contract (Regular Part-Time) less than 11 hours€50.85
Part-Time Contract (Not PRC or RPT) e.g. substitute teacher€50.85
Student Member (H.Dip Ed Student or final year in teacher college)€0

N.B. If a member's subscription is in arrears by an amount equal to or greater than five month's subscription, membership shall cease. 

*Please note that subscription rates change to 0.76% of basic salary (capped at €362.09 p.a.) from January 2019.