ASTI Services

Professional advocate for second level teachers:

  • With school authorities and boards
  • With managerial bodies
  • With government departments
  • At conciliation, arbitration and equality processes and services
  • With the media and general public


Counselling and guidance when teachers need it:

  • Advice on career and professional matters
  • Access to information via school steward
  • Access to information via branch representative network
  • Services of professional head office staff


Campaigning for:

  • Increases in salary and hourly pay rate
  • Improvement and protection of working conditions
  • Job security
  • Curriculum development
  • Professional development provision

Legal Assistance

Access to professional advice:

  • Urgent legal counselling
  • Legal expenses arising out of teaching duties
  • Contact head office before taking legal steps

For Guidelines for Grants for Legal Aid click here.

Trade Union Training

Continuing professional development for teachers:

  • School Stewards Training
  • Board of Management Training
  • Retirement Seminars

Substitution Placement Scheme

Seeking employment for teachers:

  • Register of teachers available for work
  • Special telephone line (01-6040163) for teachers and principals
  • Substitute placement scheme application form available on line

For full details on the Substitute Placement Scheme click here.

ASTI Archives

ASTI maintains a comprehensive archive of all ASTI publications, minutes of ASTI committee meetings, including Standing Committee, CEC and Annual Convention dating back to the foundation of the ASTI in 1909. Members can access the ASTI archives for research purposes by contacting the Assistant General Secretary at


Members' receive a range of specialist publications:

  • ASTI diary with information book
  • Information leaflets on a wide range of issues including career breaks, sick leave, posts of responsibility
  • Astir Magazine
  • Nuacht - newsletter covering trade union issues
  • School Year Planner

For full details on ASTI Publications click here.

Industrial Relations Services

Our team of experienced industrial relations negotiators is available to assist teachers facing difficulties at school. The ASTI negotiators are experienced in dealing with cases such as unfair dismissals, queries over teacher contracts, disputes over teachers' entitlements, the appeals procedure for posts of responsibility appointments, the redeployment scheme, equality matters, part-time and temporary teachers' rights, bullying cases, disciplinary matters etc.

Union officials visit at least 300 schools each year to deal with these kind of issues. An ASTI official visits all schools where Boards of Management are being established or which are appointing a lay principal.

In a number of cases, officials may be left with no choice but to ballot members for industrial action in order to protect their interests. This is a last resort and is only undertaken after the industrial relations expertise of officials and Standing Committee regional representative members is exhausted.

Officials also represent members in disciplinary matters, up to and including dismissal. The industrial relations expertise and the back-up of appropriate legal advice can resolve most of these problems. The ASTI provides a service including legal back-up to members who are experiencing difficulties either as employees or in relation to professional matters.

Read about ASTI casework here.
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