Managing your workload

Teaching is a very intensive job, particularly while you are finding your feet during teaching practice, or in the initial few years of your career. It's important to manage your workload and look after your health!

Stress or anxiety is the most common cause of occupational illness for teachers. Teaching has a number of specific stressors such as dealing with disruptive student behaviour, the pressure of school inspections, providing cover for colleagues, and large workload.

Some tips to help you manage stress: 

  • It is important that teachers have support from each other and from management – so speak up about any stress you are experiencing.
  • If specific aspects of your job are causing you stress, you can talk to your principal, a colleague or your ASTI school steward or representative
  • Plan ahead and set targets. Use your ASTI diary and wall planner to make note of important dates and deadlines to work towards.
  • Recognise your stress and the reasons behind it. Take action to deal with it – one thing at a time.
  • Try not to become overwhelmed; remember to step back and take a fresh look at your situation.
  • If you can, separate work and home. Take time out for yourself, do something you find relaxing – read a book, take a walk, and try to clear your head.
  • Sleep well and see your doctor if you are finding it difficult to sleep.
  • Remember you are not alone; the ASTI is here to support you with any work-related issue you experience - get in touch

More health advice is available on the ASTI/VHI website