Registration and induction

In order to become a fully registered teacher and to be employed in a school, you must register with the Teaching Council, the professional body for teachers.

Initially following graduation, you will be registered with conditions. Full registration requires that you complete an induction programme and gain sufficient post-qualification teaching experience. 

The registration process

Step 1

You should commence the process of Teaching Council registration several months before your final exams by completing a consent form for the transfer of your details from the college to The Teaching Council and returning it to the Registrar’s office or Education Department in the college or university. This form allows the college to transfer your details and details of your exam results directly to the Teaching Council when appropriate. This form will be distributed by the Teaching Council during your final year or can be downloaded at

Step 2

All NQTs must be vetted by An Garda Síochána via the Teaching Council. You should fill out a Garda Vetting Form, which you can request at and return it to the Teaching Council, where it will be screened for errors and forwarded to the Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU). Garda clearance can take between 8 and 12 weeks, so you are advised to apply as early as possible. Once vetting is completed, you will receive a letter from the Teaching Council which will state the outcome of the vetting process. You should keep this letter safe as it will also be required by potential employers.

Step 3

A character reference form must be submitted with your final application. It is advisable to have this form completed before your final exams to avoid delays. The form must be completed by a person in a position of scholastic/academic responsibility who has known you for at least one academic year and who considers your character to be suitable for the teaching profession.

Step 4

Once your college has notified the Teaching Council of your exam results, the Council will send you an NQT Application Form for Registration (also available at You will need to complete this and send to the Teaching Council along with your character reference form and academic transcripts. A fee of €90 applies for initial registration.

Conditional registration

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a letter confirming your registration. Your registration will be conditional pending the completion of a programme of induction and the completion of 300 hours of post-qualification teaching experience.

You must renew your registration every year. The cost of this is currently €65.



In order to gain full Teaching Council registration, you must participate in a programme of induction workshops after you graduate.

The programme consists of 12 workshops, which take place in the late afternoon or evening time in local education centres.

NQTs will be required to attend all workshops within three years of their date of registration. Once all of the workshops have been completed, the Education Centre Network will provide participants with a Certificate of Attendance and will notify the Council of same. The condition will then be removed and the teacher's registration status will be updated on the Register of Teachers.

Post-qualification experience

To gain full registration, newly qualified teachers must complete a period of post-qualification employment (PQE) of 300 hours' teaching experience in a recognised school, verified and signed by the school principal.

A minimum of 200 hours of the approved teaching experience must relate to the teaching of a recognised curricular subject to a class of at least 14 students. Up to 100 hours of the approved teaching experience may be carried out in a learning support, special needs, language support, or guidance counselling role. A maximum period of three years is permitted to meet this requirement.

On fulfilling this condition, registrants should complete Form B, have it signed and stamped by the School Principal and return it to the Teaching Council.

Qualification shortfalls

Occasionally, the Teaching Council may identify shortfalls in a teacher's qualifications and the teacher may have to complete further modules or courses of study in order to meet qualification requirements. In these cases the condition of Qualification Shortfalls will be applied to that teacher’s registration until the teacher has gained further qualifications - a maximum period of three years is permitted to satisfy this condition.

For full details on Teaching Council registration and the induction process, see