Q&A on Junior Cycle Framework Directive

Who is covered by the Directive?

The ASTI Directive on the Junior Cycle Framework covers all members of the ASTI, including classroom teachers, principals, deputy principals and other post holders. A similar directive applies to members of the TUI.

Does the Directive prohibit English teachers from teaching the new Framework syllabus?

The Framework for Junior Cycle English syllabus will be implemented for first year students in September 2014. The ASTI Directive does not prohibit teachers from teaching the syllabus/ specifications prescribed by the Department for first year English students from September 2014.

How does the ASTI Directive affect teachers in Junior Cycle Network Schools?

The Directive affects teachers in Junior Cycle Network schools in the same way as it affects all other teachers.

Should ASTI members attend school planning meetings for the Junior Cycle Framework?

Under the document issued by the DES on 17th January, “Junior Cycle National Working Group: Advancing Implementation”, provision was made for each school to close the school for one-day whole-school in-service per year until 2020 to support the introduction of the Junior Cycle Framework. Schools were advised that this full day could be broken down into two three-hour sessions. The ASTI Directive precludes members from taking part in such whole-school in-service.