The purpose of the Teacher Fee Refund Scheme is to provide funding towards the cost of course and examination fees incurred by Primary and Post-Primary teachers on successful completion of in-career development courses approved by the Department and school authorities.

Qualifying Courses

Courses which qualify should be of benefit to schools and management as well as of benefit professionally to the teacher concerned.  Applicants are asked to give details of these expected benefits.  Also, courses should be subject to certification / award by an appropriate accreditation authority recognised by the Department of Education and Skills for the purpose of this scheme following the advice of the scheme’s Monitoring Committee. 

Note: This scheme excludes courses which result in a qualification in respect of which a salary allowance is payable.

Qualifying Teachers

Serving qualified teachers are eligible to apply under the scheme. This includes permanent whole-time, temporary whole-time, pro-rata contract, non-casual part-time, casual part-time and substitute teachers who are employed for the full school year to provide teaching service during each school week. For this purpose, the full school year may commence anytime before November 1st and end 31st August. Teachers on secondment are eligible to apply. Teachers on career break/unpaid study leave are eligible to apply on return to school under the terms of the scheme then current. It should be noted that this scheme only applies to teachers paid by the State.  Applicants are advised that the scheme refers to individual applications only and that refunds may not be claimed by schools or other employers.


The Marino Institute of Education administers the scheme on behalf of the Department.  Teachers should apply through their Principals, Boards of Management and / or V.E.C.s on the standard application form and forward their completed application forms to the Administrator, Teacher Fee Refund Scheme, St. Patrick’s, Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9, Tel: (01) 8535102 (01) Fax: (01) 8535114, e-mail:refundoffeesscheme(at)


Applications for payments will be considered where the total fees, including examination fees, for an applicant in the year in question, amount to €635 or more.

Monitoring Committee

A Monitoring Committee consisting of a representative of teachers unions, a representative from school management and two representatives from the Department of Education and Science will oversee the administration process and make recommendations on the allocation of payments to applicants.  Appeals against a recommendation may be made to the Minister for Education and Science.

Amounts Payable to Applicants

The available funds will be allocated each year on the basis of equal proportion of eligible fees in respect of all successful applicants.  Where an applicant is already in receipt of payment or benefiting from a special subsidy from public funds towards the costs of the fees in questions, the amount of fees eligible for payment under this scheme will be reduced by the amount of such payments or subsidy; the proportionment already referred to will apply to the balance.