Teacher induction is the period in the professional career of teachers when, as newly qualified teachers, they commence teaching and begin to learn the skills of the classroom teacher. Education policy recognises induction as a distinct phase of the teacher’s professional career located between pre-service education and continuing professional development.

Induction programmes aim to assist the newly qualified teacher to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in pre-service education and to master a broad range of new knowledge and skills including the internal organisation of schools, the curriculum and its delivery to a diverse student population, classroom management skills and the broader role of the teacher in the school community. Well developed induction programmes exist in most European countries. In Ireland, a pilot project on teacher induction at primary and second level was completed in 2005. It is expected that the recommendations from this project will contribute to the development of a national system of teacher induction for newly qualified teachers. The Teaching Council will also play a role in the development of policy for a national system of teacher induction.


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