Public sector talks - update

Saturday 23 February 2013

The Teacher unions met this evening at the conclusion of today’s talks and issued the following infomation to members.

The Government plans on pay, increments, supervision and substitution and hours remain under discussion. Talks on all these matters will continue into Sunday 24th of February and beyond. The Labour Relations Commission has tabled a paper in respect of increasing the working hours of all public servants by a number of hours per week. For teachers, the increase proposed is solely in respect of increasing the supervision and substitution liability.

The Government side has indicated its intention to freeze increments. Teacher unions were vehement in their opposition to this suggestion.

Proposals to cut higher pay have been signalled.

A proposal has been made to extend redeployment limits to 80 km.

No outcome has been reached on these issues and talks are on-going under the auspices of the LRC.

There is as of now no definite outcome in respect of any of these issues.

Any outcomes will be brought to ASTI Standing Committee, and will not be accepted without a ballot of members.

Further updates will be posted as soon as possible.