ASTI to implement programme of industrial action in second-level schools

Monday 23 September 2013

The ASTI has announced a programme of industrial action in second-level schools in response to the Government’s decision to breach the Croke Park Agreement and impose cuts to teachers’ pay under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI) Act.

The industrial action will begin on Wednesday, October 2nd when 17,000 ASTI members withdraw from meetings outside of normal school hours. This will include school planning and policy development meetings, staff and parent teacher meetings, and in-service training for teachers.

ASTI members are also being directed to withdraw any co-operation with any inservice organised for the new Junior Cycle Framework and not to undertake any duties arising from vacated middle management posts unless they are pensionably remunerated for this.

Speaking after the meeting ASTI General Secretary Pat King said while teachers are anxious not to disrupt their students’ education, ASTI members had voted by a two to one majority in favour of industrial action: “The loss of classroom teachers from schools , the withdrawal of guidance services, the axing of middle management posts, the tying up of teachers’ time and energy with extra administrative work – these are the actions that have disrupted and damaged the education of our young people in recent years,” said Mr King.

“Despite the fact that vital resources have been stripped from schools, ASTI members signed up to and delivered more for less under the Croke Park Agreement only to find the Government reneging on its promises under the same Agreement,” said Mr King.

Click here for full information on the Directives issued to ASTI members