Industrial Action Directives to members

Tuesday 24 September 2013

At its meeting on 23rd September, ASTI Standing Committee decided to issue the directives to all ASTI members in response to the Government’s decision to breach the Croke Park Agreement and impose cuts to teachers’ pay under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI) Act.

These directives take effect from 8am on Wednesday 2nd October 2013.


Directive 1

ASTI members are directed not to attend meetings that take place outside normal school hours.

  • This directive applies to all members of the ASTI.
  • Members may not attend meetings which take place outside normal school hours. This includes meetings held before school opening in the morning, during school break times or after school closing times in the evening.
  • This directive applies to school meetings such as staff meetings, planning meetings, subject meetings, parent teacher meetings, teacher induction meetings, school arranged or nationally mandated CPD.
  • ASTI members may attend school meetings held during normal school times other than during staff break times.
  • This directive is not intended to affect extra-curricular activities engaged in by ASTI members.


Directive 2

ASTI members are directed not to agree to alter existing post duties in any way which will increase the workload of individual posts of responsibility. Where a post of responsibility is vacated, members are directed not to undertake any duties thereby arising unless they are pensionably remunerated for this.

  • This directive means that members may not accept post of responsibility duties that increase the workload of a post. Where a post of responsibility is vacated, e.g. arising from the retirement of a teacher, members may not undertake duties arising from this unless pensionably remunerated for this.


Directive 3

ASTI members are directed to withdraw co-operation with any in-service organised for the new Junior Cycle Framework.


  • This directive applies to any such in-service held on the school premises or elsewhere.


ASTI position on timetable reassignment

Standing Committee also decided to adopt the following position in relation to timetable reassignment: ASTI members are no longer obliged to accept timetable reassignment as per The Public Service Agreement 2010 – 2014:

(In circumstances where a teacher is timetabled for a class period(s) with a group of students that are participating in an out of school activity which requires the absence from school of another teacher or teachers, the teacher may be reassigned, in accordance with his/her timetable, to facilitate that absence)

  • Under the Public Service (Croke Park) Agreement ASTI members were required to be available to be reassigned to cover the classes of a colleague teacher who was absent with a group of students. The ASTI position is that members are no longer obliged to be available to do this.


Questions and answers on the Directives are available here.