Joint statement from ASTI/ TUI meeting on Junior Cycle

Saturday 28 February 2015

For the record we identify the following as issues of key importance:

Parity of treatment of subjects 

External assessment of oral tests, projects, practicals etc.

Confirmation of CSPE as a state certified exam

Deferral of second-year English assessment component

Issues relating to capacity including time, workload and other appropriate resources

The unions accept that the document produced by Dr. Travers, while not representing a comprehensive resolution, represents a basis for further intensive negotiations with a focus on the key issues above that arise from the document and that have been the subject of the recent exchange of correspondence with the Department.  The unions believe that this further engagement on key issues should proceed without delay.

The unions have decided not to proceed with a strike day at this time.  However, because of the absence, so far, of meaningful progress on the key issues above, the current directives in relation to the Framework for Junior Cycle remain in place.  Having regard to the level and quality of any engagement, the unions will keep their industrial action under review. 

If there is meaningful progress in relation to the key issues, the unions are prepared to re-visit the issue of non-cooperation.  In such circumstances, the unions would envisage a reciprocal measure by the Department in relation to the assessment timeframe for English.


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