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ASTI supports school secretaries

The ASTI is supporting Fórsa’s industrial action in pursuit of improved pay and conditions for school secretaries who are paid through the Ancillary Services Grant system.

The industrial action affects schools outside the ETB sector where school secretaries paid through the Ancillary Services Grant earn €12,500 per year, with irregular short-term contracts that force them to sign on during the summer holidays and other school breaks, according to Fórsa. Fórsa is seeking an end to this two-tier pay system.

School secretaries who are members of Fórsa will engage in a one-day strike this Friday, January 10th and will also begin a work-to-rule campaign.

Strike day

In circumstances where union members in a workplace are taking industrial action, other unions not involved in the dispute are expected to work as normal. This is fully understood by Fórsa and the reverse would apply if the ASTI was in dispute with the employer. Where possible, the ASTI is encouraging ASTI members to show their support by visiting any Fórsa picket which may be outside their school on January 10th.