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Ballot on Subject Learning and Review (SLAR) meetings.

The ASTI is conducting a ballot of members on the scheduling of Subject Learning and Review (SLAR) meetings. The ballot will be held in late November 2019. Members will receive a Special Ballot NUACHT in advance of casting their vote which will set out all necessary information.

The ballot is in line with the ASTI’s position that SLAR meetings should be held in accordance with

·         ‘The Appendix to the Joint Statement on Principles and Implementation (July 2015)

“The 40 minute professional time period provided within timetable is available to teachers on the basis that they will use this time flexibly including bundling time periods and carrying forward time to facilitate professional collaboration. Teachers may also use the time periods for individual planning, feedback or reporting activities relating to Junior Cycle. In particular, time periods will need to be bundled to facilitate SLAR meetings. Since professional collaboration meetings can only be held when the relevant subject teachers can be present, a limited number of meetings may need to draw on teachers’ bundled time to run beyond normal school tuition hours for some of the duration of the meeting.”

·         Department of Education and Skills Statement of clarification provided to the ASTI by the Department of Education and Skills (December 2015)

“The Department confirms that any attempt to impose the organisation of SLAR meetings entirely outside school hours would contravene the agreement. The intention is that SLAR meetings will be scheduled to commence within the timetable, involving the inclusion of a normal timetabled period. However, given the required duration [approximately two hours per meeting], flexibility to run beyond the normal school day for some of the duration of the meeting is required.”