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Consultation on new LC science syllabi

New syllabi specifications for Leaving Cert biology, chemistry and physics will be introduced from September 2021.

The curriculum specifications will be published a year earlier in September 2020.

The NCCA public consultation on the review of Leaving Certificate Physics, Chemistry and Biology will close on November 1st 2019. This first phase of the public consultation is on the draft NCCA Background Paper and brief for the review of Leaving Certificate Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The ASTI is encouraging members to participate in this consultation:

- Via the NCCA online survey, and/or
-?Making a written submission to

Click here for the NCCA Background paper.

At its meeting of 17th and 18th October, 2019 the Standing Committee of ASTI passed a motion that the ASTI would write to the NCCA seeking an assurance that depth of treatment and range of subject knowledge (Hyland 2014) be included in the template for design of the new Leaving Certificate Science Specifications/Syllabi currently under development.

The ASTI also recommends that interested members read Dr Aine Hyland’s paper “The Design of Leaving Certificate Science Syllabi in Ireland: An International Comparison”. Click here to read.