Annual Convention 2018

Each Easter approximately 500 ASTI members, teachers from all over the country, gather to determine the ASTI’s policy priorities for the coming year. This year they are meeting in the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs, Cork from Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th April 2018..

Key debates take place on teaching, education and the ASTI’s role as a trade union during Convention. The ASTI Annual Convention attracts significant media attention and provides opportunities to highlight some of the key issues for second-level teachers for example, young teachers terms and conditions. Coverage focuses on key speeches made during Convention, including the President’s address on Tuesday evening, and on key debates throughout the conference. 


Topics for debate

Topics for debate are dictated by motions which are submitted and selected at ASTI branch meetings. In other words, ASTI members get to decide what is debated at Annual Convention.  Motions are presented to Convention and delegates speak to these motions. 

Branches normally decide on the topics they would like to see discussed at Annual Convention at their November branch meetings.

A Convention Steering Committee which consists of classroom teachers elected by Annual Convention each year, prepares a list of motions received from branches. The list is circulated to all branches before January 7th. Branches are asked to prioritise motions for inclusion on the Convention Agenda not later than January 31st. They can also propose amendments to any of the motions circulated. Motions and amendments are considered again by Steering Committee in early February and a final Agenda is drawn up.


Connect at Convention

The ASTI encourages the use of social media during open debates. Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook allow the ASTI and delegates attending to Convention to spread the news to their colleagues who cannot attend.


Administration Fee

There is a registration fee of €30, which is paid direct to Head Office by delegates’ branches.


Convention Handbooks

Convention Handbooks are sent to all delegates in advance of Convention.



Delegates Registration - Tuesday 3rd April 11:30am - 2:30pm

The registration desk is located on the 1st Floor, Convention Centre. All delegates attending Convention must register on arrival to receive their credential card, ballot paper, and expenses cheque. As CEC has decided that members must sign to receive their ballot papers please ensure that you arrive in good time. 


ASTI Head Office Conference Office

The ASTI Administration Office will be located on the 1st Floor, Convention Centre for the duration of Convention. It will remain open during all sessions of Convention but will be closed from 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. If you have any queries please contact Head Office staff at the office who will be pleased to help you. 


Nomination Forms

Nomination forms for committees will be available at the ASTI Information Desk, 1st floor, Convention Centre. 


Tea/Coffee Breaks

There are no formal tea/coffee breaks during Convention. Tea/coffee is available on a cash basis in the Convention Centre and main hotel for the duration of Annual Convention. 



Please note delegates attending Convention are responsible for their own lunch arrangements. As Convention commences at 1:00pm on Tuesday 3rd there is no formal lunch break.
- Wednesday 4th      1.00 pm - 2.30 pm
- Thursday 5th        1.00 pm - 2.30 pm

Lunch facilities are available in the Convention Centre and main hotel for the duration of Convention. 


Presidential Address

The President's Address will take place in the Convention Centre on Tuesday 3rd April at 4.25 pm. While some seating will be reserved for guests at the front of the Conference Hall there will be adequate seating for all delegates who wish to attend. 


Convention Dinner

The dinner will be held in the Convention Centre on Tuesday 3rd April at 8.45 pm. For further information see the 'Entertainment' tab. 



There are 300 parking spaces at the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs.  


Click here to view a document containing guidelines for Convention delegates