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Important notice regarding Teaching Council conditional registration

In 2019 thousands of teachers will fulfil the conditions attached to their registration and gain full registration with the Council. We would like to remind teachers who have met the registration conditions, to double check that they have submitted the required documentation and that their registration has been updated accordingly. If you find a problem and need clarification please email

The coming year is the fourth year of the Council actively engaging with teachers holding expiring conditions. It also marks the emergence of additional procedures and protocols around the granting of extensions. The Council writes to teachers, in advance of their conditions expiry date, asking them to provide evidence that they have met the conditions. Where a teacher has not completed their conditions they may submit an extension request form with supporting documentation. This may be considered by the Registration Panel. It is especially important that teachers respond providing detailed information about their teaching/non-teaching work since graduation when probation, post-qualification employment (PQE) or Droichead conditions are involved.

More information is available on the Council’s website.

Teachers who work as substitutes and have the condition of Post-qualification Employment (PQE) may fulfil the condition across multiple post-primary schools and can submit multiple Form Bs indicating that they have met the 300 hour requirement. Teachers who completed a recognised induction period overseas e.g. registered as a proficient teacher in NSW, Australia can use this induction period to meet the Council's requirement. If teachers are unsure if they meet the requirement, they should submit their queries by email to the address above.