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Keeping well in challenging times

The Department of Education and Skills operates an Employee Assistance Service for the 55,000 teachers in the country. The scheme is run by Inspire Workplace Services (formerly Carecall), which provides a 24 hour 7 day help line for teachers. 

The Employment Assistance Service helpline can be contacted on 1800 411 057

The ASTI along with TUI and INTO had been seeking such a service for many years. Under Health & Safety legislation employers have a duty of care for their employers and this service is funded by the Department to address part of that duty.

Teachers who are experiencing personal and work-related problems e.g. health, relationships, addictions, bereavements, stress, trauma etc will now be able to get direct access to advice. Where appropriate this may involve free short term confidential one-to-one counselling.

Further information on the service is attainable from ASTI.
More information is available here