Application of New Entrants’ Salary Measure

Friday 01 March 2019

The proposals outlined in the Agreed Measure to Address New Entrants’ Salary Scale Issues come into effect from today, March 1st.

This means that public sector employees who began their employment after 2010 (including teachers) become eligible to skip certain increments on their pay scale. Depending on where an eligible employee is on their pay scale, they may skip an increment on their next incremental progression date.

While ASTI members rejected the proposals (see below), ASTI members are encompassed by the Public Service Stability Agreement and the New Entrants’ Salary Scale Measure. The incremental progression date for the majority of ASTI members is June 10th

For teachers who entered teaching on or after January 1st 2011, points 4 and 8 will be become nullified. Click here for information about how the New Entrants’ Salary Scale Measure applies to ASTI members. 

ASTI members rejected the New Entrants’ Salary Scale Measure in a ballot in November 2018. The Measure was also rejected by members of the INTO. The Measure does not achieve pay equality for post 2010 teachers.

The ASTI, along with representatives from the INTO and TUI, recently met with the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) Oversight Body in relation to pay inequality in teaching. Further contact is envisaged.

In January 2019, the ASTI Central Executive Council adopted a motion stating that arrangements for a ballot on industrial action over the issue of unequal pay will be put in train, should the INTO proceed with a ballot.