ASTI consults with members in NCCA ‘Senior Cycle Review’ schools

Friday 25 May 2018

The ASTI has written to its members in schools chosen to participate in the NCCA School Network for senior cycle review. (Approximately 40 schools)

These schools have been chosen by the NCCA to engage with two consultative cycles during the 2018/19 school year. They are (i) the purpose of senior cycle education and future thinking and (ii) pathways and flexibility – structure and programmes in senior cycle.

The ASTI believes that it is absolutely critical that the voice of the classroom teacher is taken into account in any proposed changes to the senior cycle. Therefore, the ASTI will be seeking feedback from members in these schools as the NCCA consultation progresses, in order to inform the ASTI’s engagement with NCCA, the State Exams Commission and the Department of Education & Skills as the process of curriculum review rolls out.

A link to the NCCA Report on the comparative review of upper secondary education issued in January 2018 is attached:

The ASTI is also drawing all members’ attention to the following motions passed at ASTI Annual Convention this year:

That the ASTI formulate a policy of total opposition to any attempt to introduce assessment of students by their teachers for certificate or accreditation purposes at senior cycle.

That ASTI demand that no further curricular change be introduced without meaningful consultation with subject teachers. (Motion 18)