ASTI members vote to reject ‘Measure to Address New Entrants’ Salary Issue’

Thursday 29 November 2018

 “Proposal does not achieve equal pay” – ASTI President

ASTI members have voted to reject the New Entrants’ Salary Measure by 53% to 47%.

Commenting on the result of the ballot, ASTI President Breda Lynch said ASTI members are firmly committed to achieving equal pay for their lower paid colleagues:

“ASTI members remain steadfast in their determination to achieve justice for their lower paid colleagues – that is, equal pay for equal work. In 2016 the ASTI took strike action over the discriminatory pay of post 2010 teachers. In taking industrial action, ASTI members lost pay and were further penalised under FEMPI* legislation. However, their action put unequal pay firmly on the agenda, making it an issue the Government could no longer ignore. Despite this, this latest proposal from the Government represents insufficient progress and does not achieve equal pay. We will continue to pursue the full restoration of pay for our lower paid colleagues.”

The union’s executive will meet shortly to consider the outcome of today’s ballot.

The following are the results of the ballot:

No votes: 5120

Yes votes: 4562         

Turnout: 9682 (58%)





*Financial Emergency in the Public Interest