ASTI President congratulates Leaving Cert students

Tuesday 13 August 2019

ASTI President Deirdre Mac Donald has congratulated all the students receiving their Leaving Cert results today (Tuesday, August 13th).


“Today represents a significant milestone for each and every one of you. It signals an end to one phase of your life and the beginning of a new and exciting phase. The skills and experiences you have acquired over the last number of years, and the efforts and contributions you have made will serve you in many ways and in many areas of your life. Be assured that the real life learning which you have acquired will be put to good use over the coming years. Your teachers are very proud of you and feel honoured to have been involved in your development and education to this point in your life”.


Ms Mac Donald added that, regardless of what today brings for approximately 58,000 individual Leaving Cert students, they should remain calm in the days and weeks ahead so that they can explore all of their options and make sound decisions. “One of the really positive developments in education over the last couple of decades is that, though the Leaving Certificate results remain important, they are no longer the only path to a desired career outcome. Nowadays there are many different pathways to the same endpoint. This was not always the case. Some paths may take a little longer, but that in itself can be a fruitful and educational experience”.


Review of Senior Cycle

“The Leaving Certificate as we know it, is a fair, transparent and robust examination system which research shows is valued by students, parents and teachers. It is internationally recognised to be of quality. While the ASTI welcomes a review of the Senior Cycle, we must ensure that the best aspects of our education and examination system are maintained in any change proposals,” said Ms Mac Donald.


“It is in everyone’s interest that our young people continue to experience the benefits of Ireland’s superb second-level education throughout their lives. To this end, it is essential that the expertise and knowledge held by the teaching profession is respected and utilised at all stages of the review and in the development of any proposals for change. The voice of the teacher is a real asset in this process. Equality of opportunity and fairness for all must be the foundations of any revision of the Senior Cycle.”


Celebrate safely

Ms Mac Donald wished all of today’s Leaving Cert students well in their future lives and added that they should celebrate their results safely: “If you are celebrating make sure you do it safely. Remain close by your friends and keep your parents in the know about your arrangements.”