ASTI President sends message to exam students

Tuesday 06 June 2017

ASTI President Ed Byrne today told the country’s Leaving and Junior Certificate students to remain calm and positive throughout the exams.

“While some level of anxiety is normal, it is really important to keep things in perspective,” said Mr. Byrne. “No one exam is going to make or break you as a person. Exams are a part of life, but they are not everything. If you have a bad exam paper, don’t over analyse it. Focus on keeping well and move on to the next exam. Take time to prepare for each exam, but balance this with eating well, getting exercise and rest, and take time to wind down every evening. This is the best way to get through the exams period.”

The ASTI President said that Ireland has a robust and transparent exams system which treats students in a fair and equitable manner and which supports the teacher as the student’s advocate.

“Ireland has a robust exams system that ensures accountability, objectivity and transparency. Every student receives an independent and fair statement of their learning efforts at the end of Junior Cycle and again at the end of Senior Cycle. Teachers are able to focus their energies on guiding and encouraging their students through the exams process, rather than having to act as bureaucrats there to evaluate and judge their students’ exam performance. It is vital that we retain these strengths which are of so much benefit to our young people and to the reputation of our education system.”