ASTI urges members to sign housing petition

Friday 31 May 2019

The ASTI supports the Raise the Roof housing campaign – a coalition of organisations (including the Irish Congress of Trade Unions) which is undertaking a major petition on the right to housing.

Some 81 countries around the world have enshrined the right to housing in law. Here in Ireland the creation of a legal right to housing is supported by the trade union movement, all the major housing agencies, and leading policy experts. It also enjoys the support of the majority of TDs in the Dáil.

A right to housing is seen by housing experts at home and abroad – including the UN Special Rapporteur on Housing – as part of an overall solution to the current problem. It would not automatically entitle people to a new home but would help shape and inform official policy in this area, similar to the right to education. The Raise the Roof campaign is based on the premise that housing must be seen as a human right and not as a plaything for speculators and investors.

Sign the petition  now.