CEC recommends members reject Public Service Agreement in ballot

Monday 11 September 2017

The ASTI Central Executive Council is recommending that its members reject the proposed Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020. The union will ballot its members on the proposed Agreement in the coming weeks.

The 180-member Executive met in Dublin today to consider the proposed Agreement. Members of the Executive expressed the view that one of the key failures of the proposed Agreement is that it does not resolve the issue of equal pay for recently qualified teachers.

Last October, ASTI members took strike action to highlight that fact that since 2011 teachers entering the profession are placed on inferior pay scales and lose out substantially over their careers.

Speaking today, ASTI President Ger Curtin said: “ASTI members have campaigned vigorously against the discriminatory treatment of recently qualified teachers in their pay. All ASTI members have taken strike action and lost pay in order to highlight this injustice. The proposed Public Service Agreement does not achieve equal pay during its lifetime and this is the main reason why ASTI members are being urged to reject it.”