Cooperating Teachers and PME Student Placement - ASTI Seminar, Saturday 20th October

Monday 24 September 2018

Co-operating Teachers and PME Student Placement

ASTI Seminar, Saturday 20th October, Ashling Hotel, D.8

Since 2014, all initial teacher education programmes require student teachers to have an extended school-based element.  The Teaching Council has determined that 25% of student time over the four-year undergraduate programmes and 40% of the time over the two-year of post-graduate programmes should be allocated to school placement.

The Teaching Council’s Guidelines on Student Placement defines the role and responsibilities of all involved in this process: role of PME student, the cooperating teacher, the school principal and Board of Management; the University placement tutor.

The Guidelines define the school placement model as “structured support”:  beginning with observation of the co-operating teacher by the student teacher, moving on to observation of the student teacher by the cooperating teacher, and concluding in independent teaching by the student teacher. During this latter period, the cooperating teacher may avail of discretionary time:  this facilitates engagement with the student teacher at other times where feedback is provided in an encouraging and sensitive manner. Co-operating teachers are also expected to work collaboratively with the college/university placement tutor and advise the principal of any serious concerns regarding a student teacher’s practice or professional conduct.


The ASTI seminar has two aims:

  • provide information/advice on good practice for the student placement
  • obtain feedback from teachers on their experiences of the placement process, in particular, in their role as a cooperating teacher


Seminar will commence at 10am and conclude at 1.15 pm

ASTI travel and subsistence expenses will be provided.

Agenda available upon registration.


To register for this seminar contact eileen(at)