Important news on pregnancy-related sick leave

Thursday 10 September 2015

The ASTI can now confirm that pregnancy-related sick leave that occurred before the introduction of the new Public Service Sick Leave Scheme (ie: Prior to 1st September 2014) will be discounted from a teacher’s sick leave record for the purpose of calculating access to paid sick leave under the new Scheme.

This is as a result of concerns raised by the ASTI with the Department of Education and Skills and also at the Teachers’ Conciliation Council that teachers who experienced pregnancy-related sick leave before September 2014 – prior to the introduction of the new scheme – could have found themselves with limited or no access to paid sick leave.

This significant breakthrough on the discounting of pregnancy-related sick leave which occurred prior to September 2014 means that some teachers may now be able to avail of more sick leave on full or half pay.

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