Information Notice: ASTI Members - withdrawal from Supervision & Substitution

Tuesday 01 November 2016

ASTI is engaged in talks this week and is committed to achieving resolution of current issues.

Notwithstanding this, ASTI is conscious of the need to provide clear guidance to members on what to do on Monday 7th of November should events unfold as planned.

On November 7th, ASTI members are directed to withdraw from the Supervision and Substitution Scheme as previously advised.

The DES has advised us “that the provisions in the circular (0071/2016) relating to pay deductions only apply where a school is unable to open for students as a result of the withdrawal of teachers from their duties relating to S&S.”

If your school is open

If your school remains open with contingency arrangements in place you should attend and perform your teaching duties as normal.

If your school is partially open

If your school is partially open, (e.g. Examination classes only) you should attend and perform your normal teaching duties with these classes while remaining available for the rest of your timetabled classes.

If your school is open, but there are no students

If your school premises is open but students are not in attendance, you should attend school as normal and be available for your timetabled classes.

If your school is closed

If your school is to remain closed and you are denied access to the premises, you should attend at your workplace. The School Steward should ensure that all ASTI members present and available for their normal teaching duties sign a list indicating this availability. Click here for Attendance form.  The School Steward should retain this form in a safe place until further instruction from ASTI. When the period allocated on the timetable for the first class has expired, members should disperse. Please ensure that no obstruction on roads or footpaths etc. is caused during this period.

Where access to premises is denied, ASTI would encourage members to take appropriate photographs and email them to ASTI at info(at)

Notes: If a teacher is not normally timetabled for the first class, they should contact their School Steward to indicate their availability for work and arrange a time to sign the form referred above.

November 8 – strike day

Please also note that the next day of strike is the following day, November 8th. Picket duty should be carried out in accordance with the already locally established roster in each school.

Click here for Attendance Form for signatures.