Update re. suspension of industrial action

Wednesday 14 June 2017

On Saturday 10th June, an ASTI Special Convention passed the following motion.

“That the ASTI pending the outcome of the upcoming public service pay negotiations suspend all industrial action relating to the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) and Junior Cert reform, provided that ASTI members are treated equally to other public servants who have signed up to the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA)”

Accordingly, this is notification that ASTI has suspended all directives to members pertaining to industrial action relating to the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) and Junior Cert reform.

ASTI representatives have met with Department of Education and Skills officials and further meetings are planned to facilitate the prompt implementation of measures committed to by the Department. The Department has notified all school management bodies that any necessary Circulars will issue shortly.


The Department of Education and Skills has commenced work on pay adjustments for ASTI members so as to ensure all adjustments are applied as quickly as possible. Click here to read Circular 0048/2017 (Public Service Stability Agreement 2013 – 2018 (Haddington Road Agreement/Lansdowne Road Agreement) and the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Acts 2013 and 2015) The measures to be applied are listed below:


  • Pay improvements for post-2012 entrant teachers through the immediate payment of the first phase new salary scales from date of suspension (second phase 1 January 2018) on the basis previously communicated;
  • An immediate lifting of the freeze on the payment of increments to ASTI members, with effect from date of suspension;
  • Pay increase for all teachers through the addition of the first moiety (€796) of the S&S allowance to the teacher pay scale from date of suspension (second moiety is due in September 2017);
  • Pay increase of €1000 from date of suspension (1st September 2017 payment has been brought forward for parties to the LRA);
  • Improvement of pay scales by restoring the alleviation of the FEMPI Act pay reductions for high earners from date of suspension;
  • Improvement of pay scales through payment of the first phase of the reversal of the FEMPI Act pay reductions for higher earners (second phase in 2018) from date of suspension.


Incremental Payment Dates:

The ASTI has raised the issue of increment payment dates in future years and specifically whether these would revert to a teacher’s original increment dates. This matter will fall to be discussed further in the context of ASTI’s formal entry into the applicable collective agreement.

Contracts of Indefinite Duration:

ASTI members are again covered by the terms of the Ward circular. This includes the reduced qualifying period for a CID and the removal of the career break and secondment categories of objective grounds. In addition to earlier permanency, the measures in place now also include a revised sequence for filling posts to enable fixed-term and part-time teachers to gain permanent, full-time jobs more easily and quickly than before.

The Department of Education and Skills has already notified the school management bodies that the terms of the Ward report now apply to ASTI members. Eligible members should immediately approach their principal/ manager of the school/ centre and seek the award of a CID or top-up CID as appropriate. 


Professional Time for the Framework for Junior Cycle:

The ASTI has been informed that where schools are in a position to do so, teachers should be issued with a timetable with reduced contact hours as per Circular 0024/2016. However, as many schools will not be in a position to do so, practical arrangements will have to be discussed to ensure that all ASTI members are in receipt of the reduced hours to which they are entitled. Further information on this matter will issue when it becomes available.


Supervision/ substitution opt-in/ opt-out

ASTI members will now be eligible for the following arrangements:

  • S&S opt-out option for teachers with a minimum of 15 years’ service;
  • S&S opt-in option for teachers who previously opted out;

Under the terms of the Lansdowne Road Agreement and the November Teachers' Conciliation Council proposals, a further opt-out from compulsory participation in the Supervision and Substitution scheme is being made available. In addition, teachers who previously opted out from compulsory participation in the Supervision and Substitution scheme under Circular 0006/2014 are being offered the option to opt back in to the scheme.

In order for the opt-out/opt-in to take effect from the beginning of the coming school year, teachers who wish to avail of the opt-out/opt-in must submit an application to the Principal of their school as soon as possible and in any event prior to 11th August 2017.  Where an eligible teacher is not in a position to avail of the option during the summer, a review can take place in September in respect of a further opt-out opportunity during the school year.

Please see Circular 0047-2017 Supervision and Substitution Scheme Opt in Opt Out (LRA) for details. 

Click here for relevant FAQs.


Other Measures:  

  • Availability of promotion posts announced in Budget 2017;
  • An increase in the quantum of the Croke Park hours that can be worked on other than a whole-school basis - See Circular0048/2017;
  • A review of the usage of the Croke Park hours - See Circular0048/2017;
  • Access to redeployment - See Circular0048/2017;
  • Access to enhanced hours for teachers on less than full hours – See Circular 0049/2017.