New entrant pay: latest update

Monday 22 April 2019

This evening the following statement was issued by the parties to the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA). 

On the issue of new entrant salary scales, certain unions have indicated that they have outstanding issues of concern following the agreement brokered in September 2018. The management side understand that these outstanding matters will be given full consideration either by (i) any pay review mechanism agreed by the parties or (ii) in the context of the next round of pay talks.

It is recognised that the positions of each of the parties concerned on these matters must be given due regard in endeavouring to reach a mutually agreed resolution.

The ASTI has been to the forefront of the campaign for equal pay for post 2010 entrants to teaching. This included ASTI members taking industrial action in opposition to the injustice of unequal pay.

The ASTI will engage fully with the parties and will explore any avenue in order to finally bring an end to pay inequality for teachers.