Payments to ASTI Members

Friday 14 July 2017

The Payroll section of the Department of Education and  Skills has issued the following statement regarding payments due to ASTI members as a consequence of the suspension of ASTI industrial action on the Lansdowne Road Agreement and on Junior Cycle reform:

 In Paragraph 4 of Circular 48/2017 it was outlined that the payroll adjustments necessitated by the Circular would be implemented at the earliest possible date.

The first adjustments will be implemented in the payment being issued to post primary teachers in the Pay issue of the 20th July.

Included in that payment for teachers covered by the terms of Circular 48/2017 will be:

(a)   The addition to the pay scale amounting to €796 and payable from the 10th June 2017.*

(b)   An increase of €1,000 on Whole-time annual basic salaries up to €65,000 payable from the 10th June 2017.

(c)    A salary increase for post 1st February 2012 entrant teachers. The increased rates are effective from the 10th June 2017. The details of the increases are outlined in Circular 48/2017.

In the Pay issue of the 3rd August one half of the reduction imposed on those earning over €65,000 will be restored from the 10th June 2017

This is the restoration of 50% of the Pay Reductions for those earning over €65,000 per annum under the FEMPI Act 2013.

In the period from mid July – until late September staff in post primary section have to deal with huge numbers of retirements,  new appointments and re-appointments changes of hours etc. so that teachers and retired teachers will be paid in a timely and accurate manner.   In addition CIDs are being submitted at present and this means that they have to be dealt with much later than normal.

At this time of year the payroll section is required to ensure that all new teachers are set up in time and that changes to contracts and hours are completed for the start of the school year so that teachers and retired teachers will be paid as soon as possible in September. Accordingly, while work will continue on the release of increments,  we will only  be in a position to make the changes to release the increments after the start of the new school year.

*This payment has been added to the salary scale and is not a lump sum. This payment is the equivalent to half of a previous allowance which teachers received for supervision and substitution. However, there is no longer a payment for supervision and substitution.