Lansdowne Road Agreement - Important Information

Tuesday 24 October 2017

LRA - suspension of industrial action

On Saturday, June 10th, an ASTI Special Convention passed a motion to suspend the ASTI’s industrial action on the Lansdowne Road Agreement and Junior Cycle Reform.

That the ASTI pending the outcome of the upcoming public service pay negotiations suspend all industrial action relating to the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) and Junior Cert reform, provided that ASTI members are treated equally to other public servants who have signed up to the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA).”

In a ballot on the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020 held in October, ASTI members voted to reject the Agreement by 51.5% to 48.5%. 

Following the ballot, the ASTI’s Central Executive Council met on November 8th and voted to continue the union’s suspension of industrial action while it engages in new entrant pay talks along with the other public sector unions, including the INTO and the TUI. 

The following ASTI directives are suspended: 

  • Junior Cycle Framework directive.
  • Croke Park Hours directive.
  • Revised Junior Cycle oral examinations directive.
  • Substitution directives (issued May 2017). 


Junior Cycle

As a result of the suspension of industrial action, ASTI members must co-operate with all aspects of the Framework for Junior Cycle. 

Click here to view ASTI Junior Cycle page.

Implementation of LRA measures

Changes to ASTI members' pay 

As a result of the suspension of industrial action the pay measures set out in the LRA are now being applied to ASTI members. These pay measures took effect from June 10th, 2017 (the date of the suspension of industrial action) and will continue to be applied unless the ASTI resumes industrial action on the LRA and/ or Junior Cycle reform. 

  • An increase of €1,000 for teachers on whole-time annual basic salaries up to €65,000: Effective from June 10th, this measure first appeared in the pay issue of July 20th.
  • An addition to the pay scale of €796: Effective from June 10th, this measure first appeared in the pay issue of July 20th. This payment is not a lump sum.
  • A second addition to the pay scale of €796: Effective from September 1st. This measure first appeared in the pay issue on September 14th. This payment is not a lump sum.
  • A salary increase for post 2012 teacher entrants: This pay increase is based on revised salary scales for post 2012 teacher entrants. These scales became effective for ASTI members from June 10th and this measure first appeared in the pay issue of July 20th.
  • Reduction in the pay cut applied to salaries over €65,000: This is the restoration of 50 per cent of the ‘Higher Pay’ pay cut applied to salaries under the FEMPI Act 2013. In addition to this reduction in the pay cut, the alleviation for teachers whose annual salary dropped below €65,000 after being cut, has been restored. The reduction and alleviation are effective from June 10th and first appeared in the pay issue of August 3rd.
  • Salary increments: The freeze on the payment of increments to ASTI members has been lifted with effect from June 10th. Arrears due from June 10th appeared in the pay issue of Thursday, August 31st.



Croke Park hours

The suspension of the ASTI’s industrial action means that all ASTI members must undertake the 33 Croke Park hours. With effect from the current school year, up to 10 hours of the 33 Croke Park hours will be available for activities as outlined in Circular 0043/2014


Supervision and substitution

The suspension of ASTI’s industrial action meant that a further opt-in/out-out option was offered to ASTI members, in August, with a review in September for those not in a position to apply in August.

The following S&S opt-out / opt-in arrangements were made available:

  • S&S opt-out for teachers with a minimum of 15 years’ service.
  • S&S opt-in option for teachers who previously opted out.


Please note: there is no payment for supervision and substitution. The salary reduction for opting out is €1,769 and will subsequently change in line with changes to teachers’ salaries*. This has the effect of reducing pensionable salary and retirement lump sum, except where the teacher retires on or before April 1st, 2019.

*Teachers who previously opted out of S&S (i.e. prior to 2017 as provided for in Circular 0006/2014) will continue to experience a salary reduction of €1,769 regardless of future changes to teachers’ salaries.

Improvements for temporary/ part-time teachers

ASTI teachers can now access CIDs after two years. Teachers with less than full-time CIDs, but who have additional temporary hours, may become eligible to have those hours converted to CID hours after one year.

Teachers on less than full hours will be prioritised for teaching hours which become available in the school (subject to certain criteria such as the curricular needs of the school). This applies to continuous and temporary hours and aims to augment the hours of part-time teachers. (Previously this provision applied to TUI members only.)


ASTI members will have access to the redeployment scheme. This means eligible teachers will not be made redundant in situations where they are over-quota or where their school is closing.

Posts of responsibility

Discussions between the ASTI, TUI and the Department on the availability of new promotional posts announced in Budget 2017 are ongoing. Members will be updated as soon as possible.