Teachers must be vetted by 31 December 2017

Monday 20 November 2017

Schools are required to ensure that all teachers have been vetted via the Teaching Council/ National Vetting Bureau process by 31 December 2017. Having previously been approved as vetted at school level is not adequate for maintaining Teaching Council registration.

All teachers who have been vetted through the Teaching Council/ National Vetting Bureau will have been issued with either a Teaching Council GCVU result letter (prior to 29 April 2016) or a National Vetting Bureau Disclosure (post 29 April 2016). Teachers can present a copy of this letter or they can provide a screenshot of their approved vetting status (which can be found on the My Registration section of the Teaching Council website) to their principal as evidence that they are vetted.

Teachers who have not yet been vetted must apply for vetting immediately as the process takes a minimum of two weeks. Teachers who have applied for vetting should check their status in order to ensure all relevant documentation and information has been received (this should include checking their emails for links to the National Vetting Bureau).

Principals may ask teachers to confirm/ provide evidence of vetting/ application for vetting in the coming weeks. Click here for new Department Circular 0072/2017 - Reminder to Schools regarding deadline of 31st Dec 2017 for Retrospective Vetting of teaching staff.

Teachers can check their vetting status on the My Registration section of the Teaching Council website www.teachingcouncil.ie.

Click here for Teaching Council Frequently Asked Questions Retrospective Vetting (for Schools and Principals) http://www.teachingcouncil.ie/en/FAQs/Retrospective-Vetting-School-Principals-/