Parent / Teacher Liaison Agreement

Agreement Between the ASTI, the TUI & the Parents’ Association of Community & Comprehensives Schools


  1. To develop greater understanding and co-operation based on mutual respect between parents and teachers.
  2. To work for genuine partnership in the interest of parents, teachers and pupils.
  3. To develop an informed view through discussion of educational issues and thereby inculcate the involvement of the general body of parents in the school.
  4. To work for the provision of adequate resources, both staffing and financial, to enable the school meet the educational criteria demanded by its philosophy.


Parents:  Represented by four elected members from the executive committee of a properly constituted and representative parents’ association.

Teachers:  Represented by four representatives of the teachers’ unions — two per union where both Unions’ membership exceeds 25% of staff and otherwise one representative of the smaller Union in the school and three of the larger.


Regular — say once a term or more if required.
Agenda to be decided on prior to meeting.
Chair should rotate between groups.

Areas for Discussion

Areas for discussion would vary from school to school, and would be determined by an agreed agenda in advance of meetings.


Parents’ representatives would report to local Parent Committee/Parent Body. Teachers’ representatives would report to local school union meetings.


Discussion on individual cases would at all times be precluded, be it pupil, staff or parent. Matters relating to union policy are for discussion and resolution at national executive level only.

The involvement of the principal would be desirable.

The sole purpose of this agreement is to encourage and facilitate closer co-operation, understanding and interaction between parents and teachers at each school.

The parties to this agreement recognise and accept in full the primacy of the Board of Management in all matters relating to the management of the school.