Nominations for redeployment

Redeployment scheme for teachers surplus to requirements other than in situations of school closure

A school/VEC in a surplus teacher situation will follow the following procedure to identify teachers who will be nominated for redeployment to the Director of Redeployment.

All schools should have an up-to-date seniority list including all permanent and CID teachers.

Seniority for the purposes of this scheme will be determined on the following basis:

In all sectors calculation of service for the purposes of redeployment is based on service in the school/VEC in the first instance.

In voluntary secondary schools seniority is determined in accordance with Paragraph D in Appendix Two of Circular PPT 29/02.

In VEC Schools seniority is determined in accordance with the principles set out in the internal Teacher Transfer Agreement of March 1999.

In Community and Comprehensive Schools seniority is determined in accordance with Circular PPT 07/02

In the first instance the school/VEC will consider the position of the most junior teacher on the seniority list and form a view as to whether the school/VEC could cope with the loss of that teacher from within its existing approved resources. If the conclusion is in the affirmative then that teacher will be nominated to the Director for purposes of Redeployment.

In the event that the school concludes that it is not possible to cope without the most junior teacher then it will review the position of the second most junior teacher in a like manner to that set out above. It will then move on to review the position of each teacher in reverse order of seniority until such time as it reaches a nominee whose redeployment can be coped with from within existing resources.