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Answers to your questions

The ASTI is here to explain all aspects of your job, your rights, and your entitlements. Got a question about your contract? Need to know about pensions or salary? Wondering about union policy? Any question big or small, give us a call on 1850-418400; email info(at); or have a look around the website, which has hundreds of pages of information available to you 24/7.
If you have a question or concern at any time throughout the year, we’re here to help.

Representation and protection…

… for you
The ASTI will stand up for you if your employment rights are being infringed. We will advise and represent you if you are involved in a dispute of any kind. Through the ASTI, you can access professional industrial relations support and advice, and legal representation, if necessary. ASTI staff will represent you in meetings with school management and the Department of Education. Most issues can be easily and quickly resolved through discussion at this level. Where necessary, however, we will represent and support you in cases taken to the Rights Commissioner, equality tribunals, or the Labour Court. We have years of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge - put it to use!

….for your profession
The ASTI works to protect and improve teachers’ working conditions and to ensure job security. The ASTI represents its members at national, regional, and school levels. We negotiate with the Department of Education, managerial bodies, boards of management and VECs on an ongoing basis to achieve the best conditions for our members.

Training and professional development

The ASTI programme of events includes many aimed at new and non-pemanent teachers. We also offer trade union training, including courses for school stewards and board of management representatives; health and safety training; and a variety of other professional development courses according to demand.

Campaigns on your behalf

ASTI campaigns reflect your best interests and those of your students. This year we will continue to campaign against cuts to your pay, threats to your pension and for improved education funding, better school conditions and for more teaching jobs. We have a powerful voice to use on your behalf.

News and information

The ASTI website is updated daily with news and information for teachers. Throughout the year members receive copies of ASTIR magazine, providing news, features and comment on subjects of interest to teachers professionally and personally. Our newsletter, Nuacht will regularly update you on issues relating to your job, working conditions, industrial relations developments and ASTI activity and achievements. You can also keep up to date by joining us on Facebook and Twitter.

Money saving deals and benefits

If you are due an eye exam or dentist check up this year, remember to keep your receipt – the ASTI Sickness Benefit Scheme allows members to claim up to €165 back on optical and dental treatment. The Scheme also offers financial assistance to cover medical expenses for teachers who are out of work due to illness for seven consecutive days or more. In exceptional circumstances members can apply for assistance from the ASTI Benevolent Fund. Terms and conditions apply to these schemes. See the finances section of the website for more information.

As an ASTI member, you can access a number of specially negotiated deals on a range of products including car, home, travel and health insurance.


Substitute Placement Scheme

If you are on part-time hours or out of work this year, sign up to our substitute placement scheme. We maintain a register of teachers available for work so we can match them to substitute opportunities as they arise. Sign up now!

A say in education

Only ASTI members can influence ASTI policy. You can do this through ballots, at branch meetings, by sitting on committees and attending Annual Convention. The ASTI is represented on the NCCA and the Teaching Council, as well as other education bodies. We play an important role in shaping second-level education policy in Ireland. As an ASTI member, you can influence the changing landscape of education so if you have something to say, now is the time to say it!