Temporary whole-time teacher

Temporary whole-time teacher

  • Normally employed for a minimum of one year
  • Teaching full hours
  • Paid fortnightly until 31st August
  • Salary based on relevant point on the salary scale, plus allowances

A temporary whole-time teacher is appointed to teach full hours in circumstances where a vacancy is generated by another teacher being on career break, secondment, or leave of absence and the school is within quota. Such a teacher may also be appointed where there is a need for a techer but the Department of Education and Skills refuses to sanction a permanent position.


Temporary whole-time teachers are paid an incremental salary each fortnight over the year, including holiday periods.  

To work out your correct weekly salary:
a) Determine your relevant point on the salary scale, and add allowances (if applicable).
b) Divide this number by 52

This will indicate how much gross salary you should be paid each week, before deductions. As teachers are paid every fortnight, you should multiply this figure by two to check if the 'gross salary' figure on your payslip is correct.  

Incremental credit
Temporary whole-time teachers can claim an increment for each year worked on a temporary whole-time contract.

Temporary whole-time teachers cannot be treated any less favourably than permanent teachers, unless objective grounds exist and are set out in writing. They have the same access to training and the same entitlements to leave, including maternity leave (to the end of the contract), parental leave, carer’s leave, compassionate leave, etc.  

Sick leave
Temporary whole-time teachers are paid during sick leave. Paid sick leave for temporary whole-time teachers is limited to a maximum of 365 days of absence in any period of four consecutive years of teaching service. In calculating the 365 days absence both certified and uncertified sick leave will be counted. For more information, see the sick leave section.