Salary Scale for teachers appointed before 1 January 2011

*Revised salary scale effective from 1st October 2018 as a result of the ASTI’s suspension of industrial action as outlined here.*

Common Basic Scale

*This scale incorporates a 1% increase effective from the 1st October 2018.

Points on ScaleAppointees Pre 01/01/2011

Rates for Pre-January 1 2011 Entrants to Post-Primary Teaching with effect from 1st October 2018:


Category (Post-Primary)New Ongoing Rate from 1st Oct 2018Value of Statutory Annual Leave Accumulated per Hour Worked from 1/10/18*
Hourly casual qualified€44.41€6.06
Hourly unqualified€39.30€5.36
Qualified non-casual rate paid to teachers according to their own personal point on the incremental salary scale plus allowances divided by 735. This will give you your own personal hourly rate.

*Cessation of “Rolled-up Holiday Pay”

With effect from the commencement of the 2015/2016 school year the practice of “rolled-up holiday pay” ceased.  Previously casual and non-casual teachers were paid a daily/hourly rate which included an element in respect of annual leave, Circular letter 0015/2015 introduced a separate payment in respect of holiday pay. This change was made to bring the method of remunerating casual and non-casual teachers in line with the European Union Working time     Directive, following a decision of the European Commission.

The overall remuneration of casual and non-casual teachers will not change, however 12%  will be removed from the current hourly casual and non-casual rates. This represents the teachers’ statutory annual leave entitlement of 4 weeks per year. The teacher will accumulate statutory annual leave to the value of 12% of time worked. Teachers are required to take their statutory annual leave entitlement during the school closure periods, ie: Christmas, Easter, Summer.

Please refer to circular letter 0015/2015 for further details.

Qualification Allowances for those who entered teaching prior to 1 January 2011

(a)(i)H. Dip in Ed. (Pass)€591
(ii)Higher Froebel Certificate€591
(b)(i)H.Dip in Ed. (1st or 2nd Hons)€1,236
(ii)Ard Teastas Gaeilge€1,236
(c)Primary Degree (Pass)€1,842
(d)Masters Degree by thesis or exam (Pass)€4,918
(e)Primary Degree (1st, 2nd or 3rd Hons)€4,918
(f)Master Degree (1st or 2nd Hons)€5,496
(g)Doctors Degree€6,140

Either of the allowances (a) or (b) may be held together with any one of the allowances (c) to (g).

Other Allowances

(i)Teaching through Irish€1,583
(ii)Gaeltacht Grant€3,063
(iii)Island Allowance€1,842
(iv)Allowance for Diploma for Teachers of Deaf Children€2,437
Allowance for Diploma for Teachers of Blind Children€2,437
Allowance for Diploma for Teachers of Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children€2,437
(v)Special Allowances payable to teachers appointed before 1/1/1987 in  Comprehensive Schools€2,471
(vi)Allowance for teachers with 35 years service (long service allowance - payable after 10 years completed on the maximum point of the salary scale)€2,324

In-School Management Allowances


Assistant Principal


Special Duties Teacher



Principal's Allowances

Category Based on number of teachers
I (1 to 3)€9,310
II (4 to 5)€10,432
III (6)€12,238

IV (7 to 8)

V (9 to 10)€16,705
VI (11 to 12)€19,084
VII (13 to 15)€21,386
VIII (16)€23,714
IX (17 to 19)€25,427
X (20 to 22)€27,197
XI (23 to 26)€29,776
XII (27 to 30)€31,520
XIII (31 to 35)€34,893
XIV (36 to 40)€36,030
XV (41 to 50)€39,079
XVI (51 to 60)€40,776
XVII (60+)€42,469

Deputy Principal's Allowances

Category Based on number of teachers
I (1 to 3)€3,769
II (4 to 5)€4,932
III (6)€6,520

IV (7 to 8)

V (9 to 10)€9,773
VI (11 to 12)11,444
VII (13 to 15)€13,051
VIII (16)€14,630
IX (17 to 19)€15,875
X (20 to 22)€17,088
XI (23 to 26)€18,966
XII (27 to 30)€20,129
XIII (21 to 35)€22,645
XIV (36 to 40)€23,137
XV (41 to 50)€25,280
XVI (51 to 60)€26,253
XVII (60+)€27,217