Spouses and Childrens Scheme

The Spouses' and Chidren's Scheme is a contributory scheme which provides pensions for the spouse and/or dependent children of a member or dependent marital children of a member who dies in service, or after qualifying for pension or preserved pension. 

Membership of the Scheme is compulsory for men appointed on or after 1 August 1969 and women appointed on or after 1 June 1981.  Men and women serving prior to the relevant dates were given options to join the scheme.

Outstanding contributions to this Scheme must be paid at the time of retirement so that in the event of the death of the member or ex-member, the spouses’ and children’s entitlement can be calculated on the same pensionable service. A deduction of 1% of retiring pensionable salary in respect of each year or portion thereof in respect of which the appropriate contributions have not been paid is made from the death gratuity for this purpose.

The spouse should contact the Department immediately after the teacher’s or retired teacher’s death for the relevant application forms. These pensions are usually dealt with fairly quickly as all the checking of the pensionable service has already been done. No death gratuity is payable when a retirement gratuity has been paid.


Each member of the Spouses and Children’s scheme is liable for 1½% deductions from all pensionable salary. Contributions will be refunded on retirement/death to all members or their legal representatives where the member does not qualify for benefit by virtue of insufficient pensionable service or by virtue of having remained unmarried for the duration of his/her membership of the scheme. This refund is subject to a deduction for income tax purposes.

If a member’s spouse dies while he/she is still in pensionable service and there are no eligible children, contributions will be refunded to him/her on retirement in respect of the period after his/her spouse’s death during which contributions were paid. 

See Circular PEN 14-05 for full details

Spouses’ & Children’s Scheme – Eligibility and Benefits 

Eligible Recipients (Beneficiaries)Benefits
1.  Surviving spouse of a member of  the scheme or the surviving spouse of a retired member of the superannuation scheme who was also a member of the spouses’ and children’s scheme.  Receives a pension of one half of the pension which would have been payable to the deceased had he/she remained in service up to normal retiring age.

 2.  One eligible child

  • Children under 16 years of age who have been conceived before retirement.
  • Children over 16 and under 22 years of age who are in full-time education.
  • Off-spring who are physically or mentally permanently incapacitated and where such incapacitation took place before 16 years of age or 22 years of age, if in full-time education at the time.
  • Legally adopted children. 

Receives one third of the spouse’s pension (normally paid to the spouse).

Number of children divided by spouses rate.