Superannuation Scheme

*A new pension scheme for new entrants to the public service was signed into law on January 4th 2013. The scheme does not apply to teachers appointed before this date. Information on the operation of the new scheme will be made available on this webpage in the near future. See circular here.

The Superannuation Scheme is the teachers’ pension scheme, membership of which is compulsory for all permanent teachers who entered service after March 1996 and for all temporary whole-time teachers who entered service in second-level schools since March 1996.

It is also compulsory for all teachers in Department paid Pro-Rata Teaching posts (provided they are fully-qualified) and for all temporary whole-time teachers in Community and Comprehensive schools and colleges.

Membership of the Scheme remains voluntary for permanent teachers who entered service prior to March 1996 and for temporary whole-time teachers who entered service in secondary schools prior to March 1996.

The great majority of ASTI members are members of the Department's Superannuation Scheme for Secondary Teachers. The ASTI sees membership of the scheme as essential for all teachers who wish to make financial provision for their retirement.

Application forms for voluntary membership of the Superannuation Scheme are available on request from the Secondary Pensions Section, Department of Education and Science, Athlone, Co Westmeath (090648-3994).


On retirement you will receive a lump sum worth 3/80ths of your pensionable remuneration per year of service up to a maximum of 1½ times pensionable remuneration. You will also receive a fortnightly pension payment. In the case of a teacher paying D rate PRSI, pension is worth 1/80th of their pensionable remuneration for each year of service up to a maximum of half remuneration. In the case of a teacher paying A rate PRSI, pension is 1/200th of the pensionable remuneration below 3.3 times the State Contributory Pension and 1/80th thereafter.

Pension benefit for part-time employees is based on notional full-time salary and actual service, pro-rata.

Currently, the lump sum is not subject to income tax. Pensions are subject to income tax in the normal way.

For more on calculating your pension benefits see 'calculating your pension'.


As a member of the Teacher’s Superannuation Scheme, you pay a regular contribution based on a percentage of your overall public service income, including allowances and supervision and substitution payments.

The contribution you make to your pension depends on what rate of PRSI you pay. Teachers who joined the Scheme on or after April 1, 1995, pay Class A PRSI. Teachers who joined before that date pay D rate PRSI. The D rate of PRSI is less than the A rate and has fewer entitlements. For example, the D rate does not entitle you to the Contributory State Pension.

The A rate would normally entitle contributors to the Contributory State Pension and so A-rate teachers’ pensions are integrated with the State Social Insurance System in terms of both contribution and pension benefit. Because of this, teachers who pay D rate PRSI pay 5% of remuneration towards their public service pension, while those paying the A rate pay 3.5% of net remuneration plus 1.5% of gross remuneration.

All teachers who are members of the Spouses and Children’s Scheme also pay 1.5% of remuneration towards this Scheme, which provides pensions for the spouse and/or dependent children of a member who dies in service, or after qualifying for pension.

The view the complete text of the Secondary, Community and Comprehensive School Teachers Pension Scheme 2009 click here.